Dr. Magoola Patrick, Namayingo District Health Officer

The government healthcare model is that people go to health facilities to seek for help, Infants’ Health Foundation’s community healthcare model is changing this, they bring the services to the people in their homes and communities. We are therefore, hugely excited to be partnering with IHF in its game changing model of delivering free quality and timely maternal child healthcare services to low income mothers and children living far from health facilities in remote hardest to reach villages of Uganda.

Rebecca Nerima,Country Director, Vitamin Angels Alliance , Uganda

At Vitamin Angels Alliance, we provide free annual In –Kind grants of vitamin A, albendazole, and multivitamins for qualifying NGOs with already an ongoing program reaching under-served children and mothers in countries with high rates of vitamin A deficiency. We are proud to partner with Infants’ Health foundation in its grassroots level lifesaving and lifechanging model.

Taabu John

I am one of the motorcycle drivers of Infants’ Health Foundation. In my community, the greatest wealth that people can have is health. Seeing that I can help people live in perfect health is my greatest satisfaction. And also, I am so privileged because of Infants’ Health Foundation, I lacked employment and my family could have one meal a day, getting even 500UGX in a week was a night mare, but now I can get 20,000UGX in a day just, my family eats three meals daily, we can save, and buy other needs at home. I don’t know how worthy I can appreciate Infants’ Health Foundation.

Samuel, Achieng's husband

I have come to learn that it is not good for men to leave all the work related to their family and children to their wives alone. We should be sharing responsibilities for life to move on smoothly. It is my responsibility as a man to be with my wife during and after pregnancy and to support her however I can, including testing for HIV together, using family planning after delivery

Florence, Midwife

“When we go to the Infants' Health Foundation Outreach Clinics, we do each and everything. We test people. If someone complains of malaria, we test and treat it. We give out mosquito nets. Each and everything, that’s what we do. At the clinics, some of our patients are HIV positive people. We also test and treat. We bring medications. We make it a comprehensive thing, each and everything we do. Whatever is in our control, we do our best for these people.”

Athieno Christine

The truth? When we used to go to the clinic in Namavundu, we could spend the whole day. We would wake up in the dark at 5 am to try to get there and be seen as soon as possible. The distance was too long. Then, you always waited a long time, so the whole day you could not be at work. But these days, you begin your work in the morning and the health workers come on the motorcycles in our localities. The community is happy about the outreach clinics because they are peaceful people and care for you”

Nurse Haawa

I am excited that women come to the outreach clinics with little or no information about family planning, but by the time they leave, they are knowledgeable and eager to share with their peers

Nasonga Margaret, Teacher and Community Leader, Namayingo district

We are so happy and proud to support Infants' Health Foundation’ game-changing model that is bringing free, quality maternal child healthcare services to communities that need it the most. People no longer have to travel long distances at a high cost to receive the health services. We are really so privileged and honoured. We pray that Infants' Health Foundation reaches to every rural district in Uganda.

Okura Dan, Farmer

“Our expenses decreased. Because my wife and I would pay 17,000 Ugandan shillings for transport and welfare previously. Now it can cost us 1,500 Ugandan shillings because the services are nearer us. We are able to save and we can even take care of our children. I want to be able to look after our children to make sure they live a happy life. I also want my wife to be healthy by getting maternal treatment appropriately.”

Scovia, Farmer

"The health workers always find me here (nearest my home) and it helps me a lot. I feel relieved because I no longer get worried about where to get transport money like 15, 000 or 17, 000 Ugandan shillings to go to the health centre (in another town)."

Egessa Erinest

Because the services are nearer us, even us men are now involved in the pregnancy services with our wives, we get counselling, HIV testings, good nutrition advise, family planning together with our wives. We are very happy for the Infants' Health Foundation’s idea of bringing nurses to us instead of us having to spend much money and time to go to health facilities

Nekesa Phionah-Shop employee

These Infants' Health Foundation outreach clinics are really good for us. I can be selling in the shop and just take a break and go get my medicines. This wasn’t the case before when we had to go to the health centers. We could miss a whole day of work due to long distances to and from health facilities, so we had to ask our bosses two or three days before. Of course, they could refuse the request -- then you have to decide if you are going to keep your job or save your life.

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