The AstraZeneca Young Health Programme is an initiative by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca that aims to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among young people around the world. NCDs include conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and mental health disorders. The Young Health

Programme focuses on three main areas:
1. Prevention: The program aims to educate and empower young people with knowledge and skills to adopt healthier lifestyles and make informed choices related to their health.
2. Awareness: AstraZeneca collaborates with various organizations and stakeholders to raise awareness about the impact of NCDs on young people and the importance of early intervention and prevention.
3. Advocacy: The program advocates for policy changes and supports initiatives that address the root causes of NCDs and improve young people's access to healthcare services and resources.
The Young Health Programme often partners with non-profit organizations and local community groups to implement its projects and reach out to young people in different countries and regions.